Thank You !

This site could not have been constructed without the work and resources of a large global community. This page is our thank you to them and to acknowledge their efforts in bringing the benefits of technology and the digital age to our school.


So in no particular order a big thank you to

  • The Team at Joomla who gave us this incredible web site infrastructure
  • The various Joomla extension developers 
  • The team at Siteground
  • The team at JSN Image
  • SchoolTube who host our videos
  • Podbean who hosts our podcasts.
  • Google Drive where we host our presentations
  • Flickr where we host our photos
  • The Team at Filezilla for a great FTP client
  • I am sure many others...

If you wish to be acknowledged for any functionality you have provided (wittingly or unwittingly) to this site please contact us and we'll rectify it a.s.a.p.



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