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Welcome to our Green Schools section. Pupils and staff in St. Aiden's have been involved in the International Green Schools Environmental Programme for 16 years! We have 9 green flag awards. Each flag awarded requires working on a new environmental theme, while sustaining work on previous themes.

The themes we are involved in are: Marine Environment; Waste Management and litter  ....reuse, reduce, recycle; Water; Energy; Travel; Biodiversity and Developing Global Awareness and Citizenship working towards our tenth   Green Flag

Pupils elect a new committee every two years.


Climate Change

The children in the Middle Classes are very aware of the problems arising from climate change. Have a read!




Laura, Leah O and Grace









Carbon Footprint

The children in 5th and 6th classes looked at ways of reducing our carbon footprint. Have a read!

Cian and Aaron

Leon, Alex and Eoghan

Kaiya-mai, Alisha and Callum C

Aaryanna, Ellen and Cassie

Callum H and Sophie




Children in 5th and 6th classes were finding out about deforestation and the effect it has on wildlife, ecosystems and climate. Have a read at their very well researched powerpoints.

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