School Year 2018 - 2019

Thurs. 30th  Aug.                      School reopens for all pupils.

Thurs. 25th  Oct.                      School closes for Mid-term Break. (Thurs. evening)

Fri. 26th Oct                             School closed - used as Polling Station for Presidential Election

Mon. 5th     Nov.                      School reopens after Mid-term Break.

Fri. 21st     Dec.                       School closes for Christmas Holidays. (half day)

Mon. 7th   Jan.                         School reopens after Christmas Holidays.

21st  and  22nd    Feb.              School closed for Mid-Term Break.

Mon. 18th March                       In lieu of St. Patrick’s Day

Mon. 25th March                     School closed

Fri. 12th  April                          School closes for Easter Holidays

Mon.29th   April                       School opens after Easter Holidays.

Mon.6th    May                         School closed. (May Bank Holiday)

Mon. 3rd    June                       School closed. (June Bank Holiday)

Tues. 25th  June                       School closes for summer holidays.

Any other closures will be communicated to parents by text as soon as they are arranged.

School Photographer                Tuesday 23rd October

Confirmation                             Sunday 24th March

First Communion                      Sunday    5th May           

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