Covid 19 Resources for Parents

'We are Hanging out at Home'

This is a simple and very useful social story to explain the current Covid-19 situation to children. you can expand on it by creating your own superheroes, giving them names, costumes, super powers ...the sky's the limit! Click on icon below.

Clann Parent Hub  Newsletter No. 1

Sligo/Leitrim Parent Hub have launched a new Parents Newsletter for Sligo/Leitrim. The newsletter has been put together to try and support parents and families  to stay positive during these testing times. Parent Hub felt it was important to create a positive resource for parents that  could be shared  weekly to help support  parents but also to offer  tools to help  look after our  physical and mental well-being.

Relax kids

Try some of these with your child


Ways to help children feel calm

Breathing: Encourage your child to be still and to sit upright. Take in a deep breath in through the nose and slowly exhale out through the mouth. This will help calm their nervous system down.

Grounding Techniques: Encourage your child to tell you: 5 things they can see 4 things they can feel with their hands 3 things they can hear 2 things they can smell 1 thing they can taste either in their mouth (e.g. toothpaste, a taste lingering from a meal or imagine their favourite taste and describing it to you).


Mindful Moving: Reach, stretch, bend, circle and twist to help release tension in the body.

Try to get outside: Notice the things around you. Ask your child to notice sights, sounds and smells as you walk.

Encourage creativity: Draw, colour, play, craft.



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